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Are Your Children Afraid of the Dentist? Fear Not!

One of the greatest fears that children have is over going to the dentist.  This is often a combination of being afraid of either the complete unknown or of potential pain and discomfort.  Many adults carry this fear with them from their childhood and remain afraid of going to the dentist even later in life.   This need not be the case.


Yes, many years ago the dentist experience was often traumatic, sometimes painul, and never something many looked forward to.  However, advancements in technology, improvements within the profession, and dental practices working to improve patient experience has really changed things up.  If you come to our Lethbridge dental clinic you will see that we do things so much differently than what you would expect.  Our office is pleasant and relaxing.  We want you to not be stressed or anxious when coming in for dental work, especially children.  Everything about our clinic is designed to help you relax.  We make use of the most modern and painfree methods of attending to your dental work.  Children will appreciate that we take the time to make sure they are comfortable, that we use sedatives and pain medications to make any work we do as least invasive as possible, and that we all our work as carefully and precisely as possible.


We want you to have good, strong, healthy teeth.  Bring your family in to our Lethbridge dentist office and let us show you how much more pleasant a dentist visit can be.  We promise to put a smile on your face and to help your children grow up to have great smiles and dental health.  Starting at a young age will always save you money and potential health problems in the future.  Call us today and make a Lethbridge Dentist appointment.

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