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Dr. Chuck Galambos, DDS
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Lethbridge Orthodontics - Braces

Lethbridge Braces and Orthodontics

In the past, having braces on your teeth was an expensive and uncomfortable process.  Old techniques and methods used to be a terrible discomfort and take a long time to straighten out your teeth and give you a perfect smile.

Here at our Lethbridge Dentists office, we have done braces for many clients.  In fact, when we provide braces for our clients we are meticulous aobut making sure we do it right.  This is something we really take pride in.


Most of our clients who come in for braces used to be teenagers who whe had teeth that just were not coming in straight and wanted to perfect their smile.  As things have changed over the years, we are finding that more and more of our customers are actually adults who are concerned about their appearance and thanks to the now lower price and convenience of modern dental braces, they want to improve the appearance of their teeth.


Lethbridge braces are now affordable and cause very little discomfort.  Once they are in place they require minimal adjustment over a period of roughly one year to achieve perfect results.  Braces can bring teeth forward, fill in gaps between teeth, make adjustments in your bite, adjust your jaw, and make a huge improvement in your smile.  The fact that this can now be done so quickly and affordably here in our Lethbridge dentist clinic is just one of the reason that people come to us.


We are pleased to take a look at your teeth and give you a free consultation if you are thinking about getting braces on your teeth or for your children.  Call our office and let them know you seen this article online and we will get you in, take a look at your teeth, and give you a full estimate of what sort of results we can get for you if you are interested.  There is never any obligation or pressure, we just want to make you smile and give you a smile to be proud of.


Dr. Chuck Galambos, DDS

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