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Invisalign Braces are a new and more comfortable way to create straight teeth.  Dr. Chuck Galambos at Lethbridge Dental Clinic helps numerous patients realize the dream of a beautiful smile with straight teeth through the use of Invisalign braces.  In fact, Dr. Chuck Galambos has been recognized by Invisalign as a preferred partner based upon the training and experience he has with their product.

Straight teeth was at one time out of the reach of many patients.  Braces technology sometimes consisted of metal headgear, wire braces, and really uncomfortable and unattractive orthodontic appliances, and to make it worse they cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, dental technological advancements have resulted in a solution that is less obtrusive, the takes much less time to see results, and that can cost much less than the traditional metal braces.  Less time, Less discomfort, and Less expensive!



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Invisalign braces are a series of clear plastic trays which a dental patient wears in their mouth almost unnoticably.  They fit comfortably on the teeth much like a sports mouth guard and can be worn throughout the day without be intrusive.   Every couple of weeks as the teeth move a little bit the tray is replaced with slightly different tray.  As the patient progresses through the series of 10 to 30 mouth trays the teeth are shifted into straight alignment.  The results are fairly quick and our clients have all had great results.



Dr. Chuck Galambos at Lethbridge Dental Clinic has committed to helping more patients make the move to Invisalign braces, and has recently attended additional seminars and meetings with the company behind the Invisalign product.   We are excited and enthusiastic about demonstrating this technology to our patients both young and old.  Finally, a braces solution that isn't only for kids!

Contact Dr. Chuck Galambos and ask to see some of the research and results for actual people who have used the Invisalign system.  We can even forward you this information by email if you contact the clinic today.  Check out the official Invisalign website at: and you can see the pictures and read more information.

Lethbridge Braces and Orthodontics

In the past, having braces on your teeth was an expensive and uncomfortable process.  Old techniques and methods used to be a terrible discomfort and take a long time to straighten out your teeth and give you a perfect smile.

Here at our Lethbridge Dentists office, we have done braces for many clients.  In fact, when we provide braces for our clients we are meticulous aobut making sure we do it right.  This is something we really take pride in.


Most of our clients who come in for braces used to be teenagers who whe had teeth that just were not coming in straight and wanted to perfect their smile.  As things have changed over the years, we are finding that more and more of our customers are actually adults who are concerned about their appearance and thanks to the now lower price and convenience of modern dental braces, they want to improve the appearance of their teeth.


Lethbridge braces are now affordable and cause very little discomfort.  Once they are in place they require minimal adjustment over a period of roughly one year to achieve perfect results.  Braces can bring teeth forward, fill in gaps between teeth, make adjustments in your bite, adjust your jaw, and make a huge improvement in your smile.  The fact that this can now be done so quickly and affordably here in our Lethbridge dentist clinic is just one of the reason that people come to us.


We are pleased to take a look at your teeth and give you a free consultation if you are thinking about getting braces on your teeth or for your children.  Call our office and let them know you seen this article online and we will get you in, take a look at your teeth, and give you a full estimate of what sort of results we can get for you if you are interested.  There is never any obligation or pressure, we just want to make you smile and give you a smile to be proud of.


Dr. Chuck Galambos, DDS

General Dentist

Dental Implants


What is a dental implant?  A dental implant is simply an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or a dental bridge in place.  It is basically the anchor to hold a false tooth or teeth in your mouth.


Not all Lethbridge dentists are capable of or want to do dental implants.  The procedure is one that requires specialized skills, especially to ensure patient comfort and fast healing.  At our Lethbridge dentist office, we pride ourselves in doing very good quality implants at an affordable and competitive price.  We know there are other places you can go to get them done, but we are confident that our prompt appointments and our focus on providing you with the best care possible will ensure that coming to our dental clinic will be your smartest move.  We want to do your dental implants if you require them.


Dr. Chuck Galambos has performed hundreds of implants in local patients and is highly skilled and experienced in this dental technique.  Our new and modern dental office will ensure that your patient care is of the highest quality and because we make use of the latest modern techniques and equipment, we always try to minimize any discomfort you may have and it helps us to keep our costs down. 


So if you are in need of dental implants, we look forward to talking with you.  We are available during our regular office hours by phone to discuss your specific needs, and as always we offer free consultations with our dentist should you feel you need more information.

Most everyone wishes they had a whiter and brighter smile.  The truth is that it is easy to obatain.


Recently there have been many professions hopping on the bandwagon and trying to offer teeth whitening services.  Hair dressers, spas, tanning salons, etc, have all started to try to offer this service to their customers.   We think that it is fantastic that there is such an interest in having white and bright teeth, but we do have some serious concerns about some of these completely untrained and unregulated businesses possibly having health and medical impact upon customers by offering something which they have no real knowledge or experience with.  So in the interest of public health, we would like to give you the full details about Lethbridge teeth whitening to help you decide if it is right for you.


Home bleaching kits - these are kits which you can buy at your local department store or drug store in Lethbridge and apply them yourself at home.  Many of them are made by the same companies which manufacture tooth paste or tooth brushes.  Generally speaking, most of these kits are basically just a low percentage peroxide solution which is mixed with some sticky tape or paste, which when applied to the teeth helps to dissolve some of the surface stains away.  These kits do work to a small degree and contain so little active ingredient that there is little possibility of any complications arising from their use.


Internet bleaching kits - you can buy online bleaching kits which contain a much higher dose of the active ingredients to bleach your teeth.  These kits are very similar to those used by medically trained and experienced Dentists and Dental Hygenists use.  These kits work, but their application can be tricky and if not done correctly they can have a negative effect on your dental health.  Complications of using these kits incorrectly or too frequently or with too strong of a compound in them can include extremely sensative teeth, burned and inflammed gums, or damage to the enamel on your teeth.  These kits are great, but we cannot stress strongly enough that application of them at home or by the kid working in your local tanning salon is a huge health risk.


Cleaning and Scaling - before we attempt to whiten and brighten your teeth at our professional Lethbridge dental clinic, we do a proper scaling and cleaning of your teeth.  Basically, we remove all of the plaque and tartar that has built up and is covering the enamel of your teeth.  By doing this first, we know that the solution we apply will be able to go to work directly on the stained enamel.  This means that we do not need to use as much or as powerful a solution to achieve superior results to the home kits or internet kits.  By doing so, we lower the risk of having any problems and are safeguarding your health.  Think about it, trying to bleach your teeth while they are covered in a layer of plaque and tartar makes no sense.


Lethbridge Teeth Whitening (bleaching) - this is the process that a medically trained dental hygenist works to brighten your smile using a variety of compounds and treatments.  Sometimes it is the application of a brightening compount, other times it requires the use of a whitening system such as the Zoom teeth whitening system, other times we use our state of the art laser whitening method.  We use the procedure that we know will work best with your dental health and your budget, and which will give you the best results.  For our patients who see us on an annual basis, this is a quick and painless procedure that really lets others know that they take care of their teeth.  We want you to have the same white smile and be proud of your teeth.


If you are interested in having a brighter smile but really do not know where to start or are aprehensive about actually booking a dentist appointment, give us a call.  We would be please to have one of our staff speak with you, even set up a quick exploratory consultation, or schedule your for a cleaning.  It is up to you, we just want to give you something to smile about!

One of the greatest fears that children have is over going to the dentist.  This is often a combination of being afraid of either the complete unknown or of potential pain and discomfort.  Many adults carry this fear with them from their childhood and remain afraid of going to the dentist even later in life.   This need not be the case.


Yes, many years ago the dentist experience was often traumatic, sometimes painul, and never something many looked forward to.  However, advancements in technology, improvements within the profession, and dental practices working to improve patient experience has really changed things up.  If you come to our Lethbridge dental clinic you will see that we do things so much differently than what you would expect.  Our office is pleasant and relaxing.  We want you to not be stressed or anxious when coming in for dental work, especially children.  Everything about our clinic is designed to help you relax.  We make use of the most modern and painfree methods of attending to your dental work.  Children will appreciate that we take the time to make sure they are comfortable, that we use sedatives and pain medications to make any work we do as least invasive as possible, and that we all our work as carefully and precisely as possible.


We want you to have good, strong, healthy teeth.  Bring your family in to our Lethbridge dentist office and let us show you how much more pleasant a dentist visit can be.  We promise to put a smile on your face and to help your children grow up to have great smiles and dental health.  Starting at a young age will always save you money and potential health problems in the future.  Call us today and make a Lethbridge Dentist appointment.