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Dr. Chuck Galambos, DDS
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Invisalign Braces are a new and more comfortable way to create straight teeth.  Dr. Chuck Galambos at Lethbridge Dental Clinic helps numerous patients realize the dream of a beautiful smile with straight teeth through the use of Invisalign braces.


Straight teeth was at one time out of the reach of most patients.  Braces technology sometimes consisted of metal headgear, wire braces, and really uncomfortable and unattractive orthodontic appliances, and to make it worse they cost tens of thousands of dollars.  It was because of these early technology treatments that braces got a bad reputation.  Thankfully, dental technological advancements and study have resulted in a solution that is less obtrusive, the takes much less time to see results, and that can cost much less than the traditional metal braces of the 1980's.


Invisalign braces are a series of clear plastic trays which a dental patient wears in their mouth almost unnoticably.  They fit comfortably on the teeth much like a sports mouth guard and can be worn throughout the day without be intrusive.   Every couple of weeks as the teeth move a little bit the tray is replaced with slightly different tray.  As the patient progresses through the series of 10 to 30 mouth trays the teeth are shifted into straight alignment.  The results are fairly quick and remarkable.


Dr. Chuck Galambos at Lethbridge Dental Clinic has committed to helping more patients make the move to Invisalign braces, and has recently attended additional seminars and meetings with the company behind the Invisalign product.   We are excited and enthusiastic about demonstrating this technology to our patients both young and old.  Finally, a braces solution that isn't only for kids!


Contact Dr. Chuck Galambos and ask to see some of the research and results for actual people who have used the Invisalign system.  We can even forward you this information by email if you contact the clinic today.  Check out the official Invisalign website at: and you can see the pictures and read more information.