We already know that a big smile and straight teeth can positively affect an individual’s confidence and well-being. In fact, around 60% of people are reported to feel that straight teeth make them more confident and happy. So when a treatment called Invisalign can correct any teeth misalignments to deliver that great smile, why wouldn’t you consider it?

Approximately 4 million Canadians and Americans are currently using orthodontic services to improve their oral health and physical appearance.  Now more than ever, adults are beginning to opt for corrective treatment and around 1 in 4 brace wearers are over the age of 21.  

And that’s in large part due to advancements in modern treatments. With the introduction of the Lethbridge Invisalign process, the embarrassment that sometimes accompanied wearing a traditional brace is lost. With Invisalign’s clear aligners, braces are now virtually invisible. 

Invisalign is a fairly recent treatment that uses a computer-generated plastic tray mold to realign or correct teeth that are growing or are set incorrectly. With our Lethbridge Invisalign braces – usually referred to as an aligner – users will be left with a lovely smile, confident in the knowledge that their teeth have been set straight. 

It’s an ideal treatment for teenagers who require corrective work. Less fuss than the traditional brace, while also offering more flexibility, Invisalign sets teenagers off on the right path to Lethbridge dental health throughout their adulthood.